A tai chi workshop about connection


Royal FloraHolland, a cooperative company, organises the international marketplace for flowers and plants for growers and buyers. They have proudly been doing just that for over 100 years.

In 2018 they replaced the general members’ meeting to  a council of members. The council of members will help to promote engagement among their members, which is of vital importance to a cooperative company. We were asked to give a tai chi workshop about connection during a strategy session of the council of members and the management board of Royal FloraHolland.

Explaining hard force vs soft flexible force

Tai chi workshop about connection

When you are in a process of change you first have to let go of the resistance.  Let go of the old ways of doing things. Let go of old habits. To get out of your comfort zone.

The way to do is to slow down. Take time to find a way to empty your cup. So you can find your center. Find your common ground.

From there you can start to listen. You need to be open and relax. To be able to follow, to tune in to, all the signals around you. This means giving up your need for control. You have to learn to follow. Or when you lead stay in connection with the others.

From this place of openness you can make a connection.  From there you can co-create.

The result

For the rest of their meeting was letting go of need to control on the agenda.

Some quotes

Confronting exercise about letting go.

Finally I understand why my mother is doing Yoga.

Very inspiring start of the second day.