Crazy Camp

Skiing or snowboarding, being part of an international group doing fun stuff in a uniquely located chalet on the mountain? That’s what the Crazy Snow Camps are about!

“Mind, Body & Snow” edition

Klaas, organizer of Crazy Camp, ask me to team up with him, to make a Mind & Body edition of his successful Crazy Snow Camps. A sporty and spiritual retreat in a remote valley without villages or mass tourism; skiing, snowboarding, other snow activities, sauna, tai chi, meditation and crazy group games!

What to expect?

The mornings will be dedicated to the flow of energy. We will be going through a number of exercises, meditations etc.. After that most of us will be skiing, snowboarding, snow shoe hiking or one of the other possible snow sports.

Then at the end of the day we’ll all get back to our hut, we’ll fire up the sauna, cook and have dinner together, have a good sauna session with venik (birch twigs) or scrubs, and then we’ll do crazy group games in the hut.


We will be in central Switzerland. This ski area closes in May, so even so late in March we’ll be with good snow conditions. The ski area is rather small but absolutely unique because it is not linked to a village. There are several ropeways. The slopes are diverse and freeride possibilities are good.

The hut is at an altitude of 2000m and right at the slopes (ski in/ski out). The hut is quite simple and consists of dorm rooms, a kitchen/living/dining area, a shower and a toilet. Heating is with wood. The location is amazing, far away from the villages and their mass tourism



If you want to participate in this event then please go to the website and join us!